femme by yana gaevskaya

Yana Gaevskaya is a stylist and conceptual consultant and founder of Femme - functional, ethical, modern, minimal, effortless lifestyle concepts. She is a passionate tastemaker with expertise in contemporary fashion market. The approach for the styling projects done by Femme is based on consumer psychology in order to understand and showcase that our clothing choices impact not only our own emotions, but also the people we interact with. The styling concepts are based on research, knowledge, vision and intuition in order to select and link the finest visual elements and create a unique connection between her clients and their goals. She always tries to anticipate the waves of society with an eye on the future. 

Her clients are businesses, brands and retailers looking to tell their visual story as part of their company culture or branding. The styling sessions and concepts are meant to align the image of the company with the image of the employees, retail spaces etc. In order to create a harmonious and lasting impression of the business. 

"It is clear - due to systemic challenges worldwide and in the fashion industry - brands and retailers are looking for new ways of doing fashion and people are a lot more aware of how they dress, what they buy. In order to achieve comfort, versatility and quality - the things that people are looking for; I try to use technology and psychological insights as smart new ways to put together a wardrobe and enhance shopping experiences. I help retailers to find creative solutions for consumers and I support individuals and professional teams to develop their personal style - in order to connect their inner-self with the relevant current fashion culture in a sustainable way."

Prior to founding Femme Concepts in 2015 she studied Communications in Antwerp, Textile and Trends at London's Central Saint Martins and Business Strategy and Marketing with Vlerick. Followed by experiences mostly within wholesale and retail through i.a. launching pop-up stores in London Covent Garden for Glassworks Studios, Christian Wijnants in Antwerp, working and interning for showrooms such as RainbowWave (Peter Pilotto) and Polly and King (Sophie Hulme). Closely working with photographer Pauline Miko and Mad Brussels for several fashion projects. With Twiggy in Ghent the loop had closed and the experiences with brands, fabrics and stylings resulted into Femme.  


with Color Passport: Understanding Color