FEMME:  Functional, Ethical, Modern, Millennial Effortless

Hi, my name is Yana Gaevskaya and I am the creative brain behind, Style Curator, that helps women discover, define and practice their personal style as a form of creativity, self-authoring and nurturing of their identity. This is the idea of style as a beauty routine.

After years of working as a stylist in Belgium my brand has grown and my occupation too. Today I am working as a creative art director and writer at I-dentity Institute where we are helping brands connect with their customer in a conscious post-fashion way. Rather than just keeping all the knowledge to myself I would like to share it with you and give you access to a way of thinking that will help you create your own timeless style.

Here you can download the Style Curator Working Method for free. For some of you it will be life changing, for others just a little refreshment. I will be taking a step back as a stylist, but I am here to assist you as a mentor instead of doing it for you, because I promise you: style is a mindset and you have access to all the tools. 


    “The Art of Style THAT guides you towards the person you are becoming...”

    Style is interesting because it does have so much cultural and social and environmental and self-identity in it. Clothing grounds us to our notions of self, therefore having a wardrobe that supports and serves you, this is the new luxury that you can integrate into your life if you are really conscious about your wellbeing. 

    • How do you feel when you want represent yourself personally or professionally?
    • Why is your world within not shared through the right prism?
    • Do you think it is frivolous to care about the way you look?
    • Are you wondering how you can look feminine and still be taken seriously as a leader?
    • Is there room for you to show all of your sides, and having a feeling of understanding and control over how you are perceived by others?
    • Do you believe you look like the potential you have inside you? 




    What about your soul, when you get dressed in the morning?
    What about your goals, when you walk out of the door?

    How does it feel when he complements the way you look in this warming sun?
    Why do you think it is so frivolous to care?Could it be because you're too scared?

    If you knew, that he would love you forever.
    Would you be different in what you care to wear?