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Sustainable fashion?” friends and colleagues. “What’s that?” Sustainable fashion is more than a fabric that garments are made of, or technology improving its performance. It is the relationship we have with clothing and value that we assign to our wardrobes. I believe that sustainable fashion is less of a garment related issue it is more of a macro perspective that asks for change.

we simplify the language of sustainability in fashion and bring it to the consumer

If as a (fashion) brand you would like to communicate to a conscious consumer and you are willing to create impactful concepts that are modern and appealing to tell your sustainability efforts. I and my team of collaborators can help you tell your visual story catered to the everyday life of a modern consumer.

How to be a sustainable brand and bridge the gap between your vision and the conscious consumer's lifestyle? I dedicate myself to address the idea about sustainable fashion by putting it in a much broader cultural and lifestyle context, by bringing industries affecting it indirectly, together.


If you want represent your business with timeless elegance and confidence you've come to the right place.  I am specialised in dressing female entrepreneurs or the ones who aspire to be. I can help you create effortless, up-to-date versatile styles and wardrobes. What I will teach you is, that style is a skill that you can learn and then I will help you dress according to your values. This is where your influence is developed, within your values, beyond your spoken word. The aim here is to create a wardrobe that supports you and a style that is you. I work as style therapist if you like. By focussing on removing the weaknesses and simplify your thinking about style together we will build your subtle, sustainable and authentic personal brand. Once the above is achieved, getting dressed every day becomes effortless. 



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