Personal style philosophies and techniques to help you live with intention

Aesthetic: How to translate aesthetics into an outfit?
Colors – Silhouettes

  • Do I want to buy it because it makes me feel better?

  • Does the color make me look younger and fresher?

  • Do I like how it looks on my body?

  • Will this piece make your friends think: this is so you?

  • Does the shape make me feel comfortable and confident?

Lifestyle: how to dress to lead a comfortable and confident life?
Materials - Functionalities

  • Do I want to buy this because: it feels comfortable and fits well?

  • Does material at least consists 50% of natural components?

  • Am I prepared to take care of the garment after I'll buy it?

  • Does it have pockets, zippers, collars that I need?

  • Does this material feel comfortable on my skin?

Needs: how to use styling secrets to cover up your insecurities?
Accentuation - Combinations

  • Can I think of at least 3 outfits that I can create with this item?

  • Can I see myself wearing it on many occasions?

  • Can I mix and match it with a lot of my favorite items?

  • Does my favorite body part look more beautiful in this garment?

  • Do I win time in the morning if I buy it?

Styling turns a good outfit into a great one: tuck in your shirt for more waist, roll up your pants to your ankle to make you look taller, roll up your sleeves to make you look more attuned , monochrome shoes and pants make you look taller, everything wrap is feminine and makes you look attuned.

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