The aim of this "blog" is not to be a blog. Not just to make you aware of sustainable fashion, but to help you make the first steps being part of it.  In 2014 I started my own journey through sustainable fashion. Because then I was already working in the fashion industry and I loved it, but I was still looking for a purpose in it. The clothes for the sake of clothes wasn't enough. My personal style had also changed over the years due to the fact that I had lived abroad for a while, moved places and switched jobs. So I needed a solution...

My first step towards 'greener' living was when I edited my entire wardrobe and shrank it to 30 essential pieces that I can combine endlessly. (then I didn't know it had a name: curated wardrobe) Because of the work and the thought I had put into it, I didn't want to ruin it, so the next step for me was to look for ways to add value to my edited closet. And to be very honest with you I wasn't a die-hard slow food fanatic or a vegetarian (nor I am now) so I wasn't this green and eco fashion person then too. (but I bought a lot of vintage) As most of us I assumed sustainable fashion was ugly and for hippies. But to my surprise once I started my research I discovered a lot of brands designing very cool stuff in a sustainable way. Bingo, so now what?

Well, as I am a stylist during daytime and let's say a very late starter as a 'blogger' at night,  I would like to use all the information and the skills that I've acquired to help you make your life easier and your steps towards 'greener' living without compromising on your style, professional looks and daily life. Therefore I am going to find you stylish ethical clothes, interiors and gifts that don’t conform to the negative stereotype that has been associated with 'eco', 'green', 'sustainable' living for such a long time. 

Above all that  I promise you that there is a huge shift going on in the industry and you will be surprised to find out that sustainability is not an option anymore, it is needed in order for us to live better, but also the developing world to do not be exploit. Most people I know and my clients of course are changing their mind and wanting less stuff and better quality. Also because it's easier that way!

So I am going to do the research and fill this 'blog' with tips for your wardrobes, stylish items and ideas, that will make you look great and feel better. It is also not about making you feel guilty, it's just a way to make small changes in our mindsets and the way we shop. This is a choice and a way to help us invest in our future, together!

I hope you will enjoy it.
Below you will find your first edit from the last Easter weekend when I went to the seaside. 

With love,

Picture in the header is by Carmen Mitrotta 

So what do you need to know about the brands in the picture: they are all sustainable in one way or another, they are very on trend and they ship to Belgium! (very importante...!) 

  1. The Raku dress in stripes is by kowtow (<-you can order it here) and has a square cut and is made from 100% certified fair trade organic mid weight cotton jersey. By the way it's all about stripes this spring. Stripes are hot! 
  2. The Fomi  (<-you can order it here) shoes are amazing in colour and the story behind them. These beauties are made using locally sourced and vegetable-tanned leathers in Ethiopia, above that the employees are paid fair wages and operate in safe working conditions. Good to know is by doing that Fomi and people wearing it are helping Ethiopia become a middle-income nation 🔜 by 2025.
  3. This Freedom of Animals beauty of a bag is a totally vegan and sustainable peace of luxury made of post consumer, cruelty free, eco-faux leather. Vegetably dyed with organic cotton lining.
  4. The mood board gorgeous interior picture is by incredibly stylish and timeless creative Jen Pinkston