Today on this Wednesday 8 March it is the International Women's Day. It seems to me like a perfect day to introduce the Femme Capsule Collection that I made inspired by the Seven Easy Pieces by Donna Karan in order to empower and inspire other independent women in this world. 

Let's start at the beginning. 

In 1985, Donna Karan introduced America to her concept of Seven Easy Pieces. Karan’s collection was based on the idea that with the right basics, a woman could accomplish anything. It certainly struck a note with her audience at a moment when women were transcending career stereotypes and aiming to shatter the glass ceilings of corporations and politics. And her approach still makes sense today. I was curious to look back at the evolution of the Seven Easy Pieces, which have not always been the same seven pieces and make my own version of what I think is relevant for a modern, independent woman today in order to manage her image, career, social life, love life and many other lives. 

Femme Capsule is my representation of relevancy and conscious adaptation of the mix and match technique in order to create many more outfit out of the 7 pieces. Why Femme? What does it stand for? Femme is a word with a very strong connotation, but on the other hand it is a very beautiful way to represent a collection that needs to be empowering for femmes. Femme stands for everything I believe a modern wardrobe needs in order to be versatile: Functional, Ethical, Modern, Minimal and Effortless.

I can go even further as I know that we only wear 20% of everything we own. Therefore I believe a modern wardrobe should consist out of 20% essential, multi functional, well-made and quality clothing and the other 80% could easily become a service or an access to clothing for creativity, variation, exclusivity of just experimentation. So if we make a parallel to the food industry, which I find very interesting. The current trend of having a box - full of fresh ingredients including recipes on how to make them - delivered to your doorstep is a totally other way of living and consuming food. Wouldn't that be interesting to curate your wardrobe and have a subscription to a seasonal box of items that perfectly match everything that you own? In order to show you what I mean I made this box and the clothes to showcase this idea, that could possible improve lives of many women with sense of style, lack of time and a budget. Testing this idea could lead to a business opportunity to make this possible in a collaboration with the right minds and resources. 

So what are these 7 easy pieces anno 2017 and for whom are they? The idea of essentials and capsule wardrobes has been booming over the last couple for years, but of course everyone gives their own interpretation to it. Eventually you end up the essentials from essentials. Now, I wanted to recreate the pieces that are timeless and help to transform any outfit for any occasion for any type of body. Of course the ideal presentation would be Dove-women wearing the capsule, but started from the bottom and presenting you the first steps of this whole journey. 

Let's have a closer look at the clothes now. The capsule consists out of five sophisticated pieces, one white t-shirt and a plain jeans. 

The five pieces are 1. a t-shirt/wrap dress 2. a vest 3. high waist trousers 4. a cami top, it could be a wrap blouse too 5. a split skirt

The design of the five pieces is made that way that it is possible for women of different lengths or shapes to adjust it to their bodies. The right split or wrap element allows you to put accent on the most beautiful element of your body or create waist, give shape wherever you need it.  

Above all this entire idea of seven versatile piece that can form and transform your wardrobe and the way you shop, is my attempt to tap into the over-consumption within our current fashion industry. How much stuff do we need in order to be stylish? 

The plain jeans and a white shirt make this capsule collection more grounded and functional. Everyone of at least the majority has jeans, legging, t-shirts in their wardrobes this is also a perfect way for em to show how versatile the combinations can be. 

With this collection I didn't want to take it very literally and stuff it in your face how you can create the combinations, but if/when this box eventually comes to life the idea is to include the styling and wardrobe curation tools to it for you to have the power to do it yourself. 

As you look at the most stylish Parisian women that you can imagine, the only magic tool that they master over other is knowing their bodies, having versatile essential and timeless pieces and using their imagination in order to make existing stuff look new and exciting. This is what the power of style can do, whether you love fashion or not at all.

Styling, Set, Capsule Collection Yana Gaevskaya
Model Pauline Verlinden - Agency The Agent - Pictures Iwein De Keyzer - MUA Joek Janssens
Interior Yellow Lemon Tree - Philimonius - Zero53 - Shoes Skoll - Flowers - PuurGroen