It’s cheeky, sincere, and nostalgic all at once my love for pink and thoughts on how fashion technology and sustainable consumption can go together. 

Being intermediate

Working as a stylist taught me a lot about consulting, the state of current contemporary fashion industry, sustainability and conscious consumption. All of these tight in a knot together by technology, innovation and disruption. I see, I see what you don't see might be overrated, but actually creating identities for professionals, helping retailers curate their collections and teaching corporations how they can use uniformity and personal style at work for the well-being of their people is a wonderful and very rewarding thing, but still it is that much you can do.

Achieving change in behaviour is only possible when there is awareness, convenience and reward. For many of my cients there is a enormous awareness that sustainability in production, consumption and curation of fashion is the only way of future forward, but the reality show that there are obstacles preventing us from succeeding in a much faster way. 

When I teach, write, style I don't preach. I try to convince people of the future vision where you and your clothes can fall in love with each other and grow old together. People, the romantics they are, certainly fall in love with the ide, but then they go into the field of fashion retail and end up in a battlefield of scattered landscape of endless possibilities and no clue how to navigate through it.

There comes my question why there is no one place where we can shop sustainable fashion? Why are the new initiatives not tech savvy but the sustainable version of old retail? And can technology help us make to step forward without taking one back?

Choice editing

Could automated technologies likewise guide our buying decisions? After all, no-one but a sociopath would actively want to buy a pair of jeans knowing that a slave had made them. So wouldn't it be better if smart data systems crunched the data for us and effectively 'choice edited' our purchases for us?

Giving people what they want is an easy win, but bedevilled with sustainability conundrums. Real success lies in inspiring people to want what's best not only for them, but for all of us – people, planet and profit-seekers. To that end, technology is vital. Much more than we probably think.

One Marketplace

It is takes no rocket science to understand that there is an enormous opportunity for businesses to build one retail platform to become the next Asos for sustainable fashion. But it is also a no brainer that if it were so easy it would have existed already. the thing here is that there are not enough sustainable brands on the market that are big enough to be able to supply the large amount of products needed to fill such an Asos-platform.

This have said it doesn't mean that it is impossible. What is happeling now, is that a lot of great brands or mutlibrandstores are doing a great job proving an alternative to a public seaking for earth friendly fashion, but what they are lacking right now to move out of their trusted circles is the right scale and marketing bringing them together.

Combining all of there outstanding brands looking good and doing good, bringing them together and let it be easy for the consumer to shop. Than we are talking progress and money both for the platfrom owner and fro the businesses being part of it.

The consumer seeking to live more consciously ends up being happy and stylish without einding up buying clothes somebody might have died for. So win-win everybody happy...