second skin

I want to grow old with you.
I want to rely on you.
I want to live life in you.
I want to fall in love with you.

You follow the curve of my hip,
You enhance the depth of my self.
You express what I never have to say.
Your embrace what I don't want to share.

We both know that a winning combination
consists of 3 things: ft, feeling & possibilities.
If it fits like it is made only for you,
if it touches your skin like a new lover
and if it encompasses endless options.
You will fall in love over and over again,
with yourself and the dress you are wearing.




eyes that commit

At times she is afraid to speak.

To talk about how it feels.

To be a woman everyday.

To be a soul that wants to play.


I see a woman there for me;

So beautiful, but insecure,

So little lovingly obscure,

She is alive and on her way

to find herself in this new day.


I feel her hunger, for someone,

who will reflect her back:

here that's who you are.

And in that hunger in her eyes,

you see commitment turning wild.


eyes that commit”




You aways heard it from your mom.

Be strength, be mild, be all, be wild.


The way you are today, is not because of her.

With her you learned what to avoid.

The vivid image of her void;

is here with you today.

As a reminder of those days.






How many times,

you felt the urge to change?

To start, to leave, to close the door.

How many times,

the new doors, never opened?


The flow of life was never late,

to pass you by. But never, never in my life

I've seen you cry, because of life.






I sit and wonder over tea.

Where is this sparkle in your eyes?
Why don't you dress to show your pride?
The way you dress what does it mean?
Are you just trying to fit in?

You know yourself.
Your style, your ways.
You age alright.
You have your taste.

But I still wonder over tea.
What now? Are you supposed to sleep?

“over tea”

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 13.05.40.png





What is the image
that you want to be,
when there is
someone else for it to see?

How will it feel
to be perceived?
To choose to thrive
and not just to survive.

Imagine if it was ok
to recreate your beauty
every day.

“create yourself”





Who is this girl in front of me?
Am I supposed to set you free?
You never told me how you felt,

to be this perfectly imperfect self.

Whatever is my job in here,
to set you free, to guide you, dear.
I hear you and I am here to stay,
you never told me, that you always
felt that you are late late.

Too late to try,
Too late to be,
Too late to see,
Too late to feel.

But darling, why so sure?
Remember when you never try,
You neither feel what you might be.