Yana Gaevskaya

I love women and I love them in all kinds, shapes, mindsets and personalities. I admire women and I also believe that we are stronger together. This is why I founded Femme Concepts, because I wanted to contribute to your journey in my own way.

"vulnerably powerful life of a woman" 

Style is frequently used as something that you only can aspire to. I don't believe that this is quite the case. Style is a natural result of a woman that knows thyself and allows herself to discover her preferences.

I know a lot of women with ordinary interesting lives that on a certain point in their life realise that the way they dress is holding them back, or is not really representing them in their highest potential. This is why I developed my own working method to identify the factors that define your lasting style framework and that can grow with you as you grow. This enables me to give creative power back to you while inspiring en encouraging you to become the women you already are inside.

As  a professional in expansion, I and my team, currently also work with brands, institutions and media to curate the way they communicate in order to help transform the fashion industry towards sustain-ability. As a Creative Art Director I organise art performance shows, curate exhibitions, write articles and create visuals under the creative umbrella of I-dentity Institute

Prior to founding Femme Concepts in 2015 I studied Communications in Antwerp, Fashion Textile and Trends at London's Central Saint Martins, Business Strategy and Marketing with Vlerick Business School followed by international experience in Berlin, London and Stockholm for various fashion companies.