Style is a skill

Find a way to attune what you wear to your values, needs, goals, character and lifestyle. Create a season-less, timeless, ageless style for your inner self as a form of understanding and expressing yourself in a modern, post-fashion conscious way.

01. Follow the style curator working method here to help you identify your needs, values, inspiration and lifestyle.
02. Book a session with your style mentor to help you create your visual style in colours, fabrics and combinations.

HerE how it works



Style Concept

Preferably after you have done your preparation with style curator working method you can create your own style concept or you can request a one hour profiling session with me as your style mentor to get some perspective on the best colours, fabrics, fit and overall mood of your style.




Possibly you would like to have some guidance to apply your style concept in your everyday life, you can request series of sessions with me as your style mentor. I will answer your questions, give you feedback and be a support. You will take actions to overcome your challenges and integrate new styling techniques into your life.


Give your inner self the freedom towards a genuine style. Take it beyond clothing. 

You don´t need a restyling.  Rather some understanding, guidance, inspiration and perspective.  

think what you can do with 5 items

... add your own combinations in mind